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Social Security Disability Benefits for Renal Cancer

Social Security Disability Benefits for Renal Cancer
What started as a nagging pain at the base of one side of the spine has turned into terrible pain that would not go away.

An otherwise insatiable hunger has been restricted to sporadic nibbling at family gatherings. You finally make an appointment with your doctor, who refers you to a kidney specialist. The terrible news is that you have advanced kidney cancer, according to the physician.

Because of the frequency of treatments and symptoms such as fatigue and severe weight loss, you are unable to work a full-time job.

How do you care for your family during a medical emergency?

Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance as a solution to Kidney Cancer (SSDI)

March is designated as Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, providing an opportunity for individuals to familiarize themselves with the risk factors associated with this disease. Kidney Cancer is more prevalent in certain individuals, and common risk factors include high blood pressure and smoking, as well as obesity and a family history of the disease. Anyone who suspects they may be at risk is encouraged to take advantage of the free kidney health test offered by the American Kidney Fund in various cities throughout the month of March. The following are common risk factors:

  • - Obesity,
  • - High blood pressure;
  • - Smoking, as well as a family history of kidney cancer.

Anyone who suspects they may be at danger should take advantage of the American Kidney Fund's free kidney health test, which will be offered in several cities around the country in March.

What is Renal Cancer | Social Security Disability Benefits

Patients who lose their jobs due to kidney cancer face a significant financial hardship. You must not only pay for daily living expenditures such as food and shelter, but you must also keep up with a fast increasing number of medical bills.

SSDI benefits, which are administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), provide a financial bridge that allows kidney cancer sufferers to focus on what is most important: getting healthier.

To be eligible for SSDI payments, American employees must file a claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that records everything related to diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating the severe medical condition.

Renal cell cancer (also known as kidney cancer or renal cell adenocarcinoma) is a condition in which malignant (cancer) cells are detected in the lining of the kidney's tubules (very small tubes). The kidneys are located on each side of the backbone, above the waist. The kidneys' tiny tubules filter and purify the blood. They remove trash and produce urine. Urine flows from each kidney into the bladder via a lengthy tube called a ureter. Urine is held in the bladder until it flows through the urethra and exits the body.

Smoking is a risk factor for Kidney Cancer, as does the overuse of various over-the-counter pain relievers. Being diagnosed with von Hippel-Lindau disease increases one's chances of acquiring kidney cancer.

Blood in the urine, abdominal mass, back or flank pain, and anaemia are all symptoms of kidney cancer.

The inclusion of Kidney Cancer in Section 13.21 of the Social Security Administration's Blue Book can simplify the process of obtaining disability benefits for individuals affected by the disease. Nonetheless, the SSA takes into account various factors such as the cause of the cancer, its duration, the response to treatment, and any adverse effects of treatment before making a decision. 

The Social Security Administration will demand medical proof proving that the patient is suffering from Kidney Cancer and will be unable to work for at least 12 months. Blood and urine tests are examples of diagnostic tests. Ultrasound, X-ray, CT, or MRI scans may also be performed to give the doctor with a visual picture of a kidney tumour or abnormalities. A biopsy is another diagnostic examination that involves the removal of a sample of kidney tissue. 

If the Kidney Cancer is determined to be advanced, the victim may be qualified for a compassionate allowance from the SSA, which means their disability benefits claim may be expedited so the victim can get financial assistance to help them handle their condition. 

Get Help With Your Disability Claim

In most disability cases, the SSA bases its decision on material indicating that the Kidney Cancer is serious enough that the victim is unable to work for at least 12 months. If you work with an attorney, you may have a better chance of obtaining disability benefits that will allow you to focus on managing your Kidney Cancer because the attorney at The Law Office of Irene Ruzin will assist you in gathering medical evidence that confirms the severity of your Kidney Cancer and obtaining the benefits you may require.
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