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How Families Could Be Denied Disability Death Benefits for Unvaccinated Dependents

How Families Could Be Denied Disability Death Benefits for Unvaccinated Dependents

A huge number of workers are facing repercussions due refusing getting the COVID-19 vaccine shots.This includes both mental and financial drawbacks since being denied premium health benefits such as disability death benefits could mean as much as putting daily bread on the table. Many families of unvaccinated individuals are struggling to get death benefits from the Federal Government. The major reason for this is the lack of proper information about the Social Security Disability Program.

A NY report stated the government had reportedly refused to pay a $500,000 in social security benefits to the dependents of SSDI insures who were unvaccinated at the time of their death.

In this article, You will get all the possible information about the program and the major consequences why families could be denied disability death benefits.

Let's start with "WHAT IS DISABILITY" according to the Government to be eligible for death benefits.


Unable to perform any notable action with a conscious mind from the previous 12 months due to any medical condition is a disability, says Social Security Administration (SSA).

It is a complicated process to achieve disability death benefits from the Government. From the initial point of view, a person must have a disability lawyer who has experience in the field and can go through any process to help people get their death benefits.


California Government offers two different types of disability benefits:

1- Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

2- Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

1- SSDI:-

●Disabled individuals from age 18 to 25 get to benefit from this program.

●People have to pay taxes through the Social Security system to be eligible for this program.

●The worker must achieve enough work credits throughout the year.

2- SSI:-

●An individual from age 65 or above can take advantage of this program.

●This program is also open to the blind worker.

●It offers benefits with or without tax deductions.

●A person can not exceed the specific threshold income if they claim this program.

Reasons Why Your Unvaccinated Family May be Denied Benefits:-

1- You Earn a High Gross Net Income:-

People who earn a high salary by working so, their activity is considered as a "substantial gainful activity" (SGA). Workers of this field are not eligible for disability benefits by the social security system. Workers should have a low-income limit when applying for SSDI benefits.

In the case of SSI, SGA must be below the limit to gain SSI benefits. After approval, people can earn more money than substantial gainful activity.

2- Least Severe Disability:-

The Social Security Administration (SSA) claimed that people must have a disability that lasts for 12 months and a result of this could only be death are eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits. Only blind people have exceptional requirements for SSI.

3- SSA is Unable to Find You:-

Your medical eligibility is confirmed by an agency known as Disability Determination Services (DDS) and SSA. Their staff makes sure to talk to you according to your application for granting you disability benefits. If in any case, they can not reach you, you are automatically denied the benefits.

For example:If someone hires a representative to handle his paperwork, may not need to stay in touch with SSA but always keep in touch with your representative in case SSA wants to connect to you.

4- People Refuse to Cooperate With You:-

Needless to say, medical documents and physician's and/or your employer's testimonies are crucial to qualify you for disability. Moreover, non-medical requirements are essential for disability benefits even for the SSDI dependents. People who refuse to give documents to SSA will be denied benefits. Likewise, If SSA needs additional documents and you are unable to provide them because you are under treatment then, SSA will request you to have a checkup from an SSA doctor. This is called Consultative Examination (CE) which is at Government expense.

Sometimes CE needs more than one checkup and if people deny this, they are disqualified for the disability benefits.

If you're unsure whether your family may qualify for disability death benefits or not, seek professional help from an expert disability attorney who knows the way around the disability process by the Social Security Administration.

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