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Appealing for a Cessation of Disability Benefits

Appealing for a Cessation of Disability Benefits
If the Social Security Administration judges that you are no longer eligible for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI or SSI), they can issue a "Cessation of Disability Benefits," which means that your disability payments will be stopped

The cause for the termination of your benefits frequently influences your right to appeal the decision; nonetheless, in most situations, beneficiaries can request that the SSA reconsider the decision. To do so, you must fill out new papers and provide updated paperwork proving that you are still qualified for disability benefits.

Form SSA-789-U4, "Request for Reconsideration—Disability Cessation Right to Appear," must be completed to initiate your appeal.
To continue receiving benefits while appealing, you must complete and return this form within 10 days of receiving notification of termination. It is critical to remember that if you lose your appeal, you will be required to refund any benefits you received during the procedure. 

If you do not want your benefits to continue throughout the appeals process, you must fill out and submit a second form, SSA-789-U4. You have 60 days from the date of the termination notification to complete and return this form.

When you fill out form SSA-789-U4, you have the option of providing additional information regarding your medical condition. It is critical to disclose any new medical evidence you may have. This includes contact information for your treating physician(s) as well as any copies of fresh paperwork you have to support your claim for continuous eligibility.

On the SSA-789-U4 form, you will be asked whether you want to appear in person for an appeal hearing. 

If you do not wish to attend in person, the SSA will give you an additional form, which you must complete and return. This form confirms that you fully understand your right to present at a hearing and have stated that you do not desire to appear in person. 

Whether you show at your hearing or not, you are expected to complete form SSA-3441-BK, the "Disability Report - Appeal" form. While filling out this form, you will be required to provide updated contact and medical information. The "Disability Report—Appeal" form gives you another chance to incorporate any new documentation and information supporting your SSD claim. 

When your appeal hearing is scheduled, you will be notified of the hearing place and date. You will be asked if you expect to have a lawyer present at the hearing and if you intend to have any witnesses appear on your behalf. If you've agreed to present at the appeal hearing, you must do so. Failing to appear will result in your appeal being dismissed and your benefits being terminated.

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