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What is a Social Security Disability Hearing?

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, ideally, your claim will be approved with the first application that you submit. A Los Angeles disability attorney can work with you to make sure your information is comprehensive and complete in your application to maximize the chances of approval. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people who apply for Social Security Disability will have their initial application denied and will need to move into the appeals process. This process could involve a Social Security Disability hearing. 

​What is a Social Security Disability Hearing?

​A Social Security Disability hearing is one of the possible steps in the process of appealing a benefits denial after you have applied to receive Social Security disability income. When you apply for benefits and your claim is denied, you first make a request for reconsideration and a different claims examiner reviews the written information you submit. However, if your application is again unsuccessful and you want to continue appealing, a Social Security Disability hearing is the next step.

A disability hearing takes place before an administrative law judge. You may attend the hearing in person or via video depending upon the circumstances. It can often take around a year for the hearing to be scheduled, so you may be waiting a long time to find out if the hearing will result in you getting benefits.

When you attend the hearing, you will have the chance to convince the administrative law judge (ALJ) that the Social Security Administration erred in denying your claim for disability benefits. You'll need to present evidence showing you are disabled.  

You should strongly consider consulting with a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney who can help you to make the strongest case before the judge so you can hopefully get your benefits at this stage and not have to move into further appeals.  Contact an experienced attorney as soon as you can so your lawyer can get started on putting together your case to convince the ALJ to give you the benefits you deserve. 

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