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SSDI vs Medicare. When to claim which?

SSDI vs Medicaid, when to claim which?

Medicare is provided to individuals over the age of 65, or disabled people under 65 years of age, or dependents who can't earn on their own, or people with end stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant). Paying medical bills for people with disability could be a huge financial burden and It could wipe away all of your finances you received with your SSDI checks monthly. Fortunately, people who qualify for SSDI also qualify for Medicare. You will need to wait for a qualifying period of 24 months after starting your disability payments to be granted medical coverage through Medicare.

You will be entitled to two basic parts of Medicare after you qualify for it following the 24 month waiting period. For instance, your disability payments under SSDI started in July 2015 following the 5 months waiting period, then add another 24 months to that and you will become eligible to Medicare automatically in Ianuary 2018. So you will start to receive either or both depending on your social security disability case which is individualized in each state and to each person's own medical and SSD records:

  • Medicare A

It will cover your hospital bills and some other medical and hospital expenses

  • Medicare B

It will cover doctor bills and some other medical services not already included in Medicare A

If you receive both social security disability, SSDI and Medicare but still are not able to afford your drug prescriptions or other medical services not already covered in Medicare then you may consult your local social security attorney to guide you to your local human services agency to know if Medicaid is an option and how you can attain them.

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