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3 things to make sure before moving out of US to claim your SSDI

3 things to do right about disability claims before moving abroad with your loved one

Moving out of country for jobs, relationship, marriage or business is not uncommon as it used to. Many people prefer to live and travel freely as the world is more connected as a global village today. But people with disability may have some inhibitions when moving to another country. The good news, however, is if you are a US citizen and have your social security number, and are receiving SSDI on your own SSDI records, then your SSDI payments status will not be affected if you move to another state or another country.

You will continue to receive benefits if you move for travel for 6 months after which the SSA will decide on several factors whether or not to keep your benefits:

  • What types of benefits you receive
  • Where have you move to
  • How long will you be living in the new country or state

Although you can keep your SSDI benefits for 6 months from moving out, you would not be able to continue your SSI benefits for more than 30 days without notifying the SSA.

Depending on your circumstances the social security administration will decide on your case for continuing or discontinuing your benefits. To be on the safe side, however, you need to make sure that you notify the SSA of:

  • Moving to allowed nations

The SSA has made partnerships with many country's disability programs so you may not have to pay double taxes on the same source and amount of income and be able to receive disability checks on your new address. You would need to notify the SSA of the change in your address and contact in order to avoid delays in your disability checks.

  • Moving to prohibited nations

You would not be able to continue your benefits if you are moving to a prohibited nation. Still, you must notify the SSA of your new address since this list is subject to change and your benefits could be reinstated if that happens. Also, it is necessary for you to keep your records straight with the SSA since your SSDI would be discontinued and you would be penalized by the US government if you are guilty of fraud by receiving the benefits while living in a prohibited state.

  • Your beneficiary status

If you are receiving the disability benefits as a dependent, then you may notify the SSA of the change in your beneficiary status also since the change in your country or state of residence would affect your disability benefits, because each state's benefits for beneficiaries differ.

Because change in your address, contacts and disability status are crucial to your disability benefits, you must make sure that you are in contact with a SSA attorney or if you can't do that you may directly consult the social security attorney at our office to guide you or do the paperwork with the SSA on your behalf.

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