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Why Social Security Disability Insurance Is an Earned Benefit

Social Security disability benefits are available to help you if you are disabled, and a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can assist you in the process of applying for benefits. 

Many people are hesitant to apply for benefits because they don't want to rely on the government. However, the important thing to remember is Social Security Disability benefits are earned benefits. You've paid to get covered by Social Security Disability Insurance while you were working and you should take advantage of the benefits if you need help. 

​Why Social Security Disability is an Earned Benefit

When you work and earn income, you pay FICA taxes from every paycheck. These taxes pay for Social Security retirement benefits, Medicare, and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

As you earn a living and pay into the system, you earn work credits. You need to have enough of these work credits at the time when you become disabled or you will not qualify for SSDI -- although you may qualify for another type of benefits called Supplemental Security Income, which are paid for out of different government funds. 

The money you pay in and work credits you earn work similarly to insurance premiums -- you pay into the system in case you need benefits some day. This means if you do end up needing SSDI benefits because you are too disabled to work, you should not feel hesitant about applying for these benefits. The taxes taken out of your paychecks fund the program and buy your eligibility for benefits. 

If you need help with the application process, give us a call today to talk with a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney who will assist you. 

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