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What does my SSDI mean when my partner has a severe disability?

social security disability benefits for my partner

Individuals with disabilities can qualify for SSDI whether they themselves have disability or their partners have an undergoing disability preventing them to go to work. In some cases, if you get a disability while your partner is already receiving disability benefits you both would be eligible to receive benefits even on a single person's earnings record without affecting the payment you both would receive for each of your disabilities.

The amount of disability is calculated through a very complex formula and would depend largely on the age at which you file for the claim. For instance, if you are an individual of 28 years of age you would need to have worked at least 2 years all the time paying all the FICA taxes on your earnings to qualify for SSDI. But if you are, say, 50 years of age then you would be required to have worked in substantial gainful activity, SGA for a larger time. Similarly, the age at which you receive benefits would decide how much you are entitled to since the disability payments are essentially a government run insurance program. The longer you would have worked, then the more chances of you receiving greater benefits as you would have paid into the system longer.

If however, the SSDI payments are not enough for you and your spouse to manage medical bills, mortgage and other finances, you may also apply for the supplemental security income, SSI. SSI is not an entitled insurance payment, rather it is a need based economic program also run by the social security administration, SSA.

For specific information regarding your disability, expectations and medical conditions, it is suggested that you visit the local social security administration office in California, or contact our social security disability attorney for consultation.

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