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Social security for mothers with complicated deliveries

mothers with complicated deliveries

Giving birth to a baby may be a life changing and happy experience to the mother and father, but life gets tough for the parents and the child if the pregnancy and childbirth contain difficult complications. Sometimes these complications results in PTSD or ADHD symptoms in the mother or some child hood deficiency in the child including:

  • Down's Syndrome
  • Serious intellectual disorders (this applies to children over 7 years of age)
  • Low birth weight (Under 2 ponds, 10 ounces)
  • Total blindness or deafness
  • Very low birth weight

If the mother faces a short term disability due to childbirth as well, then the child would be eligible to receive full disability benefits under the supplemental security income, SSI while the mother will be eligible to qualify for short-term disability insurance, STD. The mother will start to receive the disability benefits after she has used up all of her sick leave, starting from 9 to 52 weeks. However, if the complications due to childbirth were too high and turn into long term disability, then either the Social Security Administratio, SSA would increase the duration of STD benefits until the disability is cured, or the mother would become eligible for Social Security Disability, SSDI provided that she qualifies both the disability and work credits required for SSDI.

However, receiving short term disability or social security disability does not grant you that your employer will keep your position at work saved for you. The insurance will only cover up 76 to 85% of your salary in terms of cash benefits depending on the severity of the disability and your AIME salary.

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