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Can I Get Social Security if I Have Metastatic Cancer?

A diagnosis of metastatic cancer often means that you have serious health issues that will make it difficult or impossible for you to work. The condition is also likely to be a long-term one or a terminal one. 

You do not want to be worried about supporting yourself and supporting your family when you should be focused on your health so you should reach out to a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer to find out about applying for Social Security Disability benefits. 

​Can you Get Social Security Disability Benefits if You Have Metastatic Cancer?

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to demonstrate you either have a condition listed in the Social Security's Blue Book, along with associated symptoms, or you will need to prove that you have a condition that is medically equivalent in severity to a condition that is listed. 

Cancers are listed in section 13.00 of the Blue Book.  Cancer patients are typically eligible for benefits, especially if their cancer is metastatic. In fact, having metastatic cancer often means you can get approved for Social Security Disability benefits very quickly because most types of metastatic cancer are Compassionate Allowance Conditions that allow for expedited benefits approval. 

A disability benefits lawyer in Los Angeles will help you to determine if your cancer qualifies you for benefits and is a compassionate allowances condition that will enable you to get benefits quickly. Your attorney will also help with the process of applying for benefits, so call today to get your claim started. 

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