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Can I Get Social Security for a Heart Condition?

Social Security Disability benefits are intended to provide income when you have a serious medical condition that stops you from working. In many cases, a heart condition is serious enough to entitle you to benefits. However, whether you are eligible for benefits or not will depend upon the specifics of your situation. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney will help you to determine if you can get disability benefits for a heart condition. 

​When Can You Get Disability Benefits for a Heart Condition?

​To determine if you can get disability benefits for your heart condition, the first step is to see if your particular cardiovascular condition is listed in the Blue Book, which is the informal name for Social Security's Listing of Impairments. 

If your condition is listed and you meet the specific requirements for that condition, such as exhibiting certain symptoms, then you should be able to qualify for benefits. If your condition is not listed, you would have to prove it was medically equivalent in severity to a listed condition.  

Cardiovascular conditions are listed in Section 4.00 of the Blue Book. Some of the listed conditions include chronic heart failure, peripheral heart disease, and ischemic heart disease, among others. There is also a section within the Blue Book that addresses disability benefits eligibility for patients who have undergone a heart transplant.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer will assist you in determining if your specific condition is listed and, if so, will help you prove you meet the requirements to get benefits. 

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