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Are Social Security Disability Appeals Ever Success?

 If you have been denied after submitting your application for Social Security Disability benefits, do not give up hope that you will be able to get the income you need from the Social Security Administration when you are too disabled to work. There is a multi-stage appeals process and appeals often can be successful. 

You want to make sure you appeal your benefits denial so you can maintain the opportunity to try to get benefits without having to start the entire claims process over. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help. 

​Are Social Security Disability Appeals Successful?

​Social Security Disability appeals can be successful if you understand how the appeals process works and you make a strong case. The first step in the process is a request for reconsideration and the second step involves appealing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). 

If you appeal before an ALJ, you will have the opportunity to attend a hearing and will have the chance to provide proof of your disabling condition. You can present testimony from witnesses who can attest how severely disabled you are and the goal should be to ensure that you have as much evidence as possible. The hearing is your chance to make a compelling case and you should make sure you are prepared and ready to maximize your chances of a successful appeal. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to maximize your chances of a successful appeal. Contact an attorney as soon as your claim is denied so you can meet the appeal deadline and prepare a strong case. 

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